When these guys perform live, it's almost like Rush meets Crosby, Stills, & Nash performing Dark Side of the Moon in it's entirety. ”

The Inquisition

"Questioning The Narrative"

The Inquisition is a new original art rock band based in Northern NJ. The group speaks the musical language of classic rock circa late 60’s-mid 70’s (think Pink Floyd, Jethro Tull, early Genesis).  While fans of older music love it, the Inquisition’s music resonates with younger audiences as well. It is long-form rock music for this time and for those of this generation who are looking for something beyond the predictable sounds and short attention spans of todays typical pop music.

The Inquisition usually performs their live shows as a rock power trio employing three-part vocal harmonies that soar atop their tight instrumentation. All three members are multi-instrumentalists and their dynamic live sets hold the attention of their audience as they seamlessly switch from electric rock sounds to magical acoustic vibes that include flutes, world percussion, and other interesting instruments. The band’s live performances are at times theatrical and interactive. Their music tells an epic adventure tale that playfully invites audience participation in select moments of the story.

The Inquisition’s soon to be released debut concept album, “The Magi of Kent: Turn of the Tide,” is the first in a trilogy. It is both an adventure story and allegorical commentary on the influence of Big Money in our modern world. It takes the listener on a fun and exciting journey while also asking important contemporary questions regarding truth & power.

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